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Beech vista M50 Patio Paving Centre Dublin

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Email - beechvista2016@gmail.com

Opening Hours 2019 Mon - Sat 9.30 - 6 & Sun 11 - 6


We have a list of excellent independent recommend installers for your patio paving, driveway, artificial grass, fencing / trellis or general landscaping project!

New arrivals of hard wearing yellow limestones in various sizes and mixes for 2019.

Granite stepping stones now back in stock!

Also Egyptian limestone paving  & grey granite now available.

As a geologist i highly recommend tandoor yellow or grey limestone for our wet Irish climate rather than most cheap granites or the poor quality Indian sandstones such as Mint or Modak!

Indeed our recommended limestones are far superior to many of the poor quality soft granites in grey, or the yellow granites, which are prone to severe iron staining in our wet Irish climate!

We also stock a great range of harder types of Indian sandstones, all types of edging, setts, tumblers, walling etc.

We supply everything for your landscape project - hardcore 804 / paving sand or grit, cement, slabs, borders, kerbs, sealers or enhancers etc. Independent Delivery service either by lorry & crane grab or in smaller transit type van where access is more limited!

We can recommend  contractors for installation.

Our indoor displays are extensive & open 7 days. Trade inquiries welcome!

All top quality stone - no seconds or wavy surface stone! All our natural finish stone is a good 25 to 30mm + thickness - beware of importers selling 15 to 20mm seconds! Our calibrated stone is generally 22mm thick - avoid very light 17mm types!

Below new easy build calibrated tumbled tandoor yellow limestone walling with black & grey limestone paving.


Below - our geologists' own selection of top quality yellow limestone which is extremely hard wearing, a great bright colour all year round, and with a good natural non slip finish. These are much harder than most grey granites which are hard to keep clean or the various yellow or burnt orange granites that are extremely prone to iron staining in our wet Irish climate!

Below is sawn calibrated tandoor yellow limestone in 60*40, also available in 60*60/60*30/30*30

Below - Kota Blue to front & yellow limestone to rear in circle 

Below is Tandoor grey sawn calibrated limestone, bull nosed edging,  black limestone walling & kota blue limestone circle with tumbled calibrated walling in far background!

 Below - Black limestone circle with raised bed in small sized golden quartzite walling

Below - Tandoor Yellow 3M ( also available in 2.5 & 2m circles - below is dry - note colours of these circles WILL have variation with some greys & yellow mixes due to the fact that this is natural stone!

Below is natural tandoor grey limestone in 4 mix sizes with matching 3m circle and inset of black limestone 100x100 setts.

Below is sawn grey limestone in 60*40 size with bull nosed edging & black limestone walling

Below is cathedral sandstone in mix of 4 sizes natural cut finish. The best sandstone for our wet irish climate!

Below natural tandoor yellow limestone

BELOW - Tandoor yellow limestone in just a 60 x 40 size!

Below - Tandoor Yellow Limestone circles - usually available in 3m diamater, some in 2.5m & 2m - limited numbers of larger sizes in 4 / 5 / 6 / 7m sizes but we recommend ordering well in advance (anywhere from 4 to 8 plus weeks at times!) In the picture below the tandoor yellow is DRY so colour looks lighter!

Below - camel dust 3m circle - we usually have these in 2 / 2.5 & 3m sizes also.

Below - our specially selected blend of Cathedral sandstone - excellent rustic mixture of colours.

Below - our very popular bright hard Camel Dust Indian Sandstone in mix sizes 

 Below - beautiful 150 x 150 pavers that are ideal for paving smaller areas, curved paths, or bordering larger paving slabs.

Sawn calibrated tandoor yellow limestone with 100 x 100 border setts



Below - 100x100 x50mm thick black limestone setts for curved paths, paving smaller areas, driveways, or edging larger paving areas or circles etc. Also available in yellow limestone. Also available in 200x100 x 50mm thick or long lengths up to 500mm long!

Below - beautiful black or yellow 500mm long easy build limestone walling. Pillars built with our black limestone walling blocks with 100x 100 granite setts as a feature!

Below - a view of some of the extensive range of patio paving that we stock all year round!

Below - Rompox grouting. We strongly recommend the use of a resin compound to grout all natural stone products that we supply. We have had excellent results with Rompox Grouting over the past 6 or so years. We strongly recommend that a mixture of sand and cement is not used to grout natural stone as the cement may react with the edges of the stone paving and result in a permanent halo around the border of each slab! One can of Rompox will grout approx. 8m2 of our standard 600 series paving ( ie larger slab mixes ) but it may only do 4 or 5m2 of small items like 100x100 cobble setts or 150x150 tumblers. Customers should ensure that the Rompox is applied to a depth of 16 to 20mm so as to ensure it does nor come loose during power-washing of the paving in future years. Rompox is available in various colours including neutral, grey & black.

Sealers & cleaners for natural stone  -

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