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* We have a list of excellent paving installers & landscapers that we can provide for most landscaping projects. Many will provide free quotations for the installation of the projects that we supply. Please ask in store - t & c's apply. 


Extensive range of unusual pebbles in small bags or we sell a selection in ton bags, or some available in loose loads!

As well as Irish  stone we import a wide range of unusual stone from around the world.
all types of edging & border stone in a variety of natural stone also available! 
stone is priced ex yard. Delivery available by independent courier - poa. 
below are pictures of stone types that are generally available in 1 ton bags.
( we usually do not stock 1/2 ton bags as they are very expensive compared to the 1 ton bags!)
1 ton bags contains approx. 40 of the smaller sized bags that we sell.
even with a delivery charge ( where delivery is required) one ton bags provide very significant cost savings to our customers.
delivery charges vary depending on distance to your site & how many tons are required - it is always best to request a price first & to ensure that enough stone is ordered to complete the project. All estimates of customers requirements can only be based on customers accurate information on sizes & depths to be covered.
most stone supplied in one ton bags is also available in 25 or 20 kg bags. 
coverage of stone varies greatly depending on the size of the stone selected by the customer, and the depth of stone required by the customer! 
as a rough guide with an average depth of 40mm:-
1 ton of 10mm stone may cover up to 15m2 
1 ton of 14mm stone may cover up to 13m2 
1 ton of 20mm stone may cover up to 12m2 
1 ton of 30 or 40mm stone may only cover 10m2.
please note that some of the small 25kg bags of more decorative stone that we import from around the world are not stocked in 1 ton bags as there are no significant cost savings compared to locally ( ireland or uk ) sourced stone - transport costs are the same whether that stone is in 1 ton or 25kg bags! 
pictured below are stones usually available in 1 ton bulk bags.
quartzite - hard & a good bright colour - available in 10 / 14 / 20 / 30 & 40mm sizes.
( 14mm & 20mm are the most popular sizes!)

Below - 20mm quartzite

Below is 14mm quartzite

Below is 30mm quartzite

Below is 40mm quartzite

Below is 14mm pink granite

Below is 20mm pink granite

Below is grey / white granite mix in 14mm size

Below is plum slate in 14mm size ( also available in 20 / 30 or 40mm sizes )

Below is grey slate in 20mm size

Below - washed round pebbles in sizes from 10mm to 20mm generally.

Below is genuine golden flint ( also know as Solent gold )
beware of suppliers offering these names but with a lot of grey stone added which allows them reduce the cost of the stone! 
available in 10mm or 20mm - please contact us for availability & pricing in 1 ton bags!

A vast range of stones in other colours & sizes 
are also available in 25kg bags 
with many directly imported by our geologist
from around the world! 
these are usually available only in 25kg bags
a few samples below - more to follow! 

Below - white dolomite 14 crushed or 20mm tumbled

Below - rainbow cobbles in 20mm / 30mm or 100mm size in 25kg bags or in individual pieces up to 30mm as rockery stones etc

Below - white cobbles in 20 to 30mm in 25kg bags or individual cobbles up to 30mm sizes.

Below - 40mm size quartzite ( 1 ton bags only )

Below - red cobbles

Below - 30cm red Spagetti boulders

Below - yellow granite setts 200x100x100

excellent for curved / straight edging & paving available in grey or black also!

Below - black or yellow limestone setts - 100x100x100 & 200x100 x100

Below - natural stone water features

Natural stone circles

quartzite stone walling