Garden Pots online

Garden Pots online - we have a vast range available for "call & delivery"  or collect BY ARRANGEMENT.                                           PLEASE NOTE POTS ARE HEAVY & WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY COURIER COMPANIES & CAN BE EXPENSIVE TO DELIVER DUE TO THEIR WEIGHT & VOLUME. WE RECOMMEND COLLECTION WHERE AT ALL POSSIBLE!

Currently you must contact us to complete purchase on EITHER 8342953 or  0866015524 ( Andre)  who can also provide accurate information on stock and delivery options etc whilst in the centre from 10am to 5pm approx. If lines are constantly busy please either leave a message on the landline, a WhatsApp message on the mobile or best option is to email, and we will get back to you asap.WE WILL BE ADDING MORE PICS IN COMING DAYS AS WE HAVE A VAST RANGE AVAILABLE.

Black Glazed Pots Samples

Black Glazed Pots Samples

Black Glazed Pots Samples..


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